ČSAD Hodonín: autobusy B932E.1694

autobusy, maintype: B932, type: B932E.1694, arranged by first license plate

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SPZ výr. č. typ vyr. zruš.
e. č. dopravce (od, do) nátěr
  2538 Karosa B932E.1694 1999  2015    1999-2007: MHD Hodonín 
nátěr: Connex, bílá s modrým pruhem *
HOJ 75-31 ČSAD Hodonín (1999 - 4/2007) Ho
after that OAD Kolín
after that Arriva Praha
  4050 Karosa B932E.1694 2001  2016    2001-2007: MHD Hodonín 
nátěr: Veolia, bílá s šedým a červeným pruhem *
HOK 17-90 ČSAD Hodonín (5/2001 - 2/2009) Ho
after that Arriva Praha
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A total of 2 vehicles were listed, Both are given/sold to the other carrier.

All vehicles are from the depot Hodonín.

Last edit of the vehicles: 17. 6. 2017.
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The color indicates the vehicle´s current condition:
in operation in car repair shop temporarily out of operation lent to another carrier not yet put into operation company car historic car out of operation (for a long time/definitively) discarded scrapped discarded (wreck exists) given/sold to the other carrier unknown

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