Autoškola Peml Pavel: vehicles LC936

maintype: LC936, arranged by first license plate

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SPZ výr. č. typ vyr. zruš.
e. č. dopravce (od, do) nátěr
  2792 Karosa LC936XE.1038 2000      2009: SO 
nátěr: šedá metalíza *
PUN 58-20 Autoškola Peml Pavel (from 4/2013)
  4148 VIN Karosa LC936XE.1038 2001       
nátěr: bílá *
ex DP města Pardubic
PUP 42-02 Autoškola Peml Pavel (from 1/2020)
  936 Karosa LC936.1037 1998       
nátěr: TQM Novotný, bílá s modrým a červeným pruhem
ex TQM - holding
ex Josef Charous - CHARTOUR
3E1 9938 Autoškola Peml Pavel (7/2018 - 5/2019)
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A total of 3 vehicles were listed, of which:
  • in operation: 2 vehicles
  • out of operation (for a long time/definitively): 1 vehicle

2 vehicles in operatin in the list are circa on average 19,5 years old.

Last edit of the vehicles: 6. 5. 2020.
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The color indicates the vehicle´s current condition:
in operation in car repair shop temporarily out of operation lent to another carrier not yet put into operation company car historic car out of operation (for a long time/definitively) discarded scrapped discarded (wreck exists) given/sold to the other carrier unknown

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