DP Bratislava

current name since 1989
previous name (since 1953): Dopravný podnik mesta Bratislavy
previous name (since 1949): Dopravné závody hl. m. Bratislavy
previous name (since 1922): Bratislavská elektrická účastinná spoločnosť
previous name (since 1898): PVRT (BEÚS)
previous name (since 1895): PVVV (BMEŽ)
place: Olejkárska ulica č. 1, 814 52 Bratislava 1
country: Slovensko (Bratislavský kraj)
websites: www.dpb.sk, Facebook page, Instagram

Car park

list all the carrier´s vehicles
Register of the carrier is
not completed (side product from other registers)
Last edit: 25. 10. 2020.
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